Wardrobe Ideas


COLOR:  It’s time to step out of the 1990’s photo box and get outside of your comfort zone.  It’s 2014 and it’s time to update the look for family photos.  Reach beyond the plain white shirt or “white button-up and jeans” look… It’s time to modernize and set yourself apart from the past typical and overdone look.

Color is good.  Texture is Fun.  Patterns are fantastic.  It is completely fine to mix and match a bit, just make sure there is a common theme.  Have fun with it, and just make sure your style reflects who you are!  Your goal should be to coordinate, but not to be matchy-matchy.

Wear colors that compliment your skin tone.  As an example, being somewhat fair skinned and blonde, as much as I love yellow, I also am aware that yellow is not one of my most flattering colors, especially for photography.  As a fair-skinned blonde, my colors tend to be more pastels and “summer” colors such as turquoise, blues, corals, pinks, mint greens, lavender, etc.  Everyone is different, just find a color that feels like you and that you feel confident in!

COLOR SCHEME: A general rule is the “3 Colors Rule” with an option for a pop of color.  Start with 3 colors with one being a neutral.  Neutrals include black, white, creams, grey, khaki, etc.  Having more than 3 colors can tend to make the picture look too busy.  So if you started with jeans (dark blue jeans), creams (neutral), and greens, then you could selecting clothing with different patterns and textures that includes these colors so that the family looks like a cohesive group.  Stick with colors that work well together.  Then you can also add a “pop of color” such as yellow (or even purple) if you’d like to add a few accessories with this color as long as it doesn’t look too busy.  The ideas is to coordinate and look like a unified group without crossing the line of being too “matchy-matchy”. Sticking with the same colors but mixing up the colors, textures, and patterns will help to achieve this overall look.

Make sure your general color scheme complements, instead of clashes, with your surroundings.  Keep the time of year in mind.  For example, if it’s fall, then fall colors and neutrals (ex. creams, browns, etc.) will go great with your outdoor fall photos.  Wearing a bright pink sundress may not look the best with autumn reds, oranges, and browns.

FAMILY SHOPPING:  When shopping for outfits for a family, one of the best tips is to start with the person that is the most difficult to shop for (such as the husband or the boys).  Then move onto the next hardest person to shop for.  A good rule of thumb is to start with the husband, then move onto the boys, then the mom, and then to the little girls since there are so many options for our little princesses these days!  This will then help to narrow down the color scheme and keep the look consistent.

COMFORT:  Make sure you and your kids are comfortable and can move around in your clothes.  It’s a good idea to make sure you can sit, stand, jump, dance, and lay down if needed.  Being comfortable in your outfit will shine through in your photographs.  This is also the same for kids as well.  I was an extremely picky child when I was younger and absolutely hated hose.  If I was forced to wear hose, not only would I pout, but I’d likely throw a fit until I finally convinced whoever that panty hose were a waste of time.  If you have a similar overly picky child, make sure they are comfortable and happy in their clothes as well so that they can enjoy the session too, and their happiness will show through in their photographs.

PERSONALITY:  Let your outfit reflect your personality.  Accessorize with scarves, headbands, jewelry, hats, jean jackets, fun boots, anything that makes you feel like your best self.  The same goes for your kids.  Headbands and accessories are always fun to add for the little girls.  Little ties or bow ties are especially cute for the little guys in your life.  www.Etsy.com has a huge selection of fun accessories that are unique for your little ones.

If your daughter is at the age where her favorite thing to wear is a tutu, bring along the tutu for some fun shots at the end of the session!  If she wants the entire session in the tutu too and you’re ok with this, that works too!  Photographs capture a moment in time in everyone’s lives, and the more personality the better, as this will only add to the photos and make them that much more memorable.

EXTRA TIPS for KIDS:  For children, especially younger kids, it’s always wise to bring along an extra shirt just incase the child gets dirty (or if the baby is in the spitting up phase).  My philosophy is to come prepared, and the more options the better!

PROPS:  Another note for kids, props are always welcomed and appreciated.  Feel free to bring along a few favorite toys, stuffed animals, or a special blanket.  Anything sentimental, fun, or something that just adds character or something unique to the session also works too.  I have plenty of ideas, so if you’d like to know more, just ask!

RECOMMENDATIONS:  Feel free to ask me for recommendations or send me a picture (taken in natural light if possible) of your outfit or your family’s outfits.  I’m happy to offer my suggestions and answer any questions as well!

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Note: The picture above was taken from the above website:  http://creativeportraitsstudio.com/2012/11/what-to-wear-fall-2012/

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