About Me…

E_IMG_52502_crop_2_ST29_HI’m a simple girl.  I strive to see the BEAUTY in the ordinary moments of life.  Capturing precious moments to preserve life’s stories is my passion.

Things I LOVE and APPRECIATE  (in no particular order):

  • RaNDoM AcTs of KINDNESS.
  • the ocean.  the sound.  the smell.  the peace I feel.  the memories.  the way it acts as the perfect canvas for sunrises and sunsets.
  • sunsets.  thunderstorms.  sunrises (if I’m up early enough and outside to see them…)
  • Miya Sofia, my spoiled maltese.
  • GOD.  The creator of all things beautiful.  My daily source of strength, hope, and faith.
  • My amazing FAMILY and FRIENDS.  So grateful for their unwavering love, support, and encouragement.
  • the color turquoise.
  • Seeing how much happiness my pictures bring to my clients.
  • TRAVELING.  exploring.  spontaneous adventures.
  • laughing.  loud and often.
  • Skiing while learning to develop a new appreciation for snowboarding.
  • Discovering and following my BLISS.
  • runner’s high.  trifecta: running on the beach at sunset (with my camera nearby of course).
  • Observing life with new perspectives… viewing life’s infinite moments as UNIQUE and precious WORKS of ART.
  • Witnessing and experiencing true and heartfelt LOVE.  Tender and unconditional love within a family, innocent and endearing love between a newly engaged couple, enthusiastic and limitless love for life.
  • Dr. Pepper (fountain variety).
  • music and the effects it can have on me.
  • making and preserving MEMORIES.

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